Getting back on track..

Like many women I am a bit of  yo-yo dieter, tried W.W and had some great results, but I always in time of stress reach for the carbs and pile the weight on. Last year I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful place called Homefield Grange deep in the Northamptonshire countryside. I have been twice, both times on my own,I go to focus on what is good in my life and what is not so good( overeating food) For the whole week you learn about nutrition and more importantly the amazing benefits of putting good food into your body. I come back re-vitalised and even though I say it my self, glowing with health , inside and out. We have been through a difficult time and I have just this morning re-arranged a week in March to go again. I can’t WAIT !!!!! I am 51 next wednesday and I really want to improve my mental attitude to food, I love to cook and blame it on my new best friend my  shiny black AGA, how I love her! Maybe I should do the same thing  that I read a lovely lady does, and bake a cake a week for someone else to enjoy, that sound like a very good idea. Must try and put it into practice.. Anyway here goes after my birthday I am going to focus myself on shifting a few pounds before I go back to Homefield Grange….

Take a peek for yourself at uk


2 responses to “Getting back on track..

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I look forward to seeing photo’s here and am intrigued by your shop!!!
    Good luck x

  2. Oh and happy birthday!
    The Dolls Wardrobe x

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