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flowers and jam……

jam jars and prettiness


twice in one week!!!!

Thought I would break my own record and blog twice… This week I sadly emptied our little room in Wallingford but happily secured a “new corner” to be stocked shortly. I am very excited to fill this space with things I love so if they don’t sell I can keep them, not sure that makes the best business sense but hey ho it keeps me happy. I have  really enjoyed working with my friend but realise things work best if you both have similar amounts of time and commitments, so on my own I will plough on. We had a very pleasant evening at No 3″s new school barbeque during the week where we got to meet some of the parents and pupils. He is a very lucky boy!!!

I am going to try and insert some photos by hook or by crook ( I am so computer illiterate) just need a bit more help. 

Till next time enjoy the extended weekend here in the U.K.


Regards Karan x