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It’s been a while!!!!

I am back … Third time lucky…

How things change…. My two girls are both now at Uni and my son is at 6th college doing his first year of  A’levels.

My life is not what I want it to be and I have to now find a role that’s suits my very empty days…. I  want to move I have never settled in the area where I have lived for the past 12 years and is now making me unhappy…

Lucky for me my lovely Husband agrees that when No 3 child has finished his exams next year we will move…. Next question is where to move to? .. I want to go back Up North but lovely Husband is a Southerer and wants to stay somewhere south… We will work something out where we will both be happy, we have been doing that for 26 years …

Lots of decisions to be made ….. We need to sleep on it…..Sleeping on it.....


flowers and jam……

jam jars and prettiness

twice in one week!!!!

Thought I would break my own record and blog twice… This week I sadly emptied our little room in Wallingford but happily secured a “new corner” to be stocked shortly. I am very excited to fill this space with things I love so if they don’t sell I can keep them, not sure that makes the best business sense but hey ho it keeps me happy. I have  really enjoyed working with my friend but realise things work best if you both have similar amounts of time and commitments, so on my own I will plough on. We had a very pleasant evening at No 3″s new school barbeque during the week where we got to meet some of the parents and pupils. He is a very lucky boy!!!

I am going to try and insert some photos by hook or by crook ( I am so computer illiterate) just need a bit more help. 

Till next time enjoy the extended weekend here in the U.K.


Regards Karan x

How Long ????????????????

Oh my gosh….. How long has it been? And how quickly has this year passed?

What has been happening? Well due to my Brother-in-law sadly passing away late last year, we have been very busy preparing and trying to sell two properties. If you have ever moved home it is  stressful at times but when you don’t have the excitement of maybe planning and looking for somewhere new, it can be pretty frustrating. We have been to-ing and fro-ing to London and Ramsgate from Reading  and even though it isn’t huge amounts of miles it sometimes has taken forever. All of this should be done and dusted soon, so fingers crossed.

My venture into business has been a bit stop start, my lovely friend who I was working with just found she had taken on way too much so I am now going to scale it down and go it alone….

Other big news is me and my gorgeous husband have just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary where we were surrounded with family and friends,we don’t have these get together any where nearly as often as we should  but when you make the effort the reward is tremendous!!

Going to try and keep writing this blog , here’s keeping those fingers crossed


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