There are many things things in my life that i can look forward too… One is a great opportunity that I am embarking with a wonderful friend, next week we open our first “little’ shop, and I mean little, We will be selling lovely vintage stuff, chairs painted and restored by our own fair hands, gorgeous glass and china and some hand-made goodies for xmas……We are very excited…. onwards and upwards!!!!!


Feeling blue……

Life sometimes kicks you when you least expect it, my family is experiencing a devastating blow. I can’t write about it yet….
One day I may….


I don’t know who or if anyone will read this post,it’s my 1st day since starting my blog….I feel very excited. When i started to follow people on their blogs I always looked forward to peering inside their homes and lives…. nosey? No, just love to observe, some people pack so much into their days and weeks, I am hoping that I will maybe put a bit more effort into mine. I am very lucky that I don’t have to work but I think that makes me complacent because i can always do “it” tomorrow.  I am now ready to do ‘it” today. I am putting my best foot forward, onwards and upwards…..

here goes…..

I am finding my self just at the other side of 50…. I have lots of things to be thankful for in my life, amazing hubby, good kids and a beautiful home….but I dream of living in the country… I spend my time looking after my family and picking up and putting away things I love ,for my move to “the cottage in the country”. My children are of an age where my dream is just around the corner.This is me putting my toe in the water… lets see where it takes me……..